About Us

Impact World Caribbean

Who we are

An International body of performing arts, sporting and musical groups who partner with local organizations to carry out a series of campaigns and events in schools, communities and other institutions.

Our Mission

Use performing arts, personal stories and life-changing messages to engage young people and positively impact their generation and our communities

More than an event – it’s an experience!

All evening shows are free because of the sponsorship of local individuals, businesses and churches. As well, team members volunteer their time to come to your community.

Story About US

Launched in 1994, the Impact World Tour features dozens of artists from around the world, including Europe, Polynesia, South America and North America. In the last ten years, they have visited over 1600 communities on five continents performing and motivating the audiences to moral and physical excellence.
Ranging from cultural dance and drama to strength feats and skate tricks, the teams (Island Breeze, Team Xtreme International and GX International) use their unique talents to connect with the audience. They energize the atmosphere as they share their personal stories and life-changing message. The teams also visit area schools and detention centers delivering a positive, anti-drug, anti-gang, esteem building message. This is the Impact World Tour!

Extreme Sports
Cultural & Performing Arts

The Impact Caribbean Tour invests in your community

The presence of the Impact World Tour in the Caribbean means businesses, churches, individuals and other organizations have come together in unity to promote and support a community event that has the potential for lasting effects on the quality of life in your city. Those involved long for young people to discover hope for the future.


Wholesome entertainment for the whole family including music, extreme sports, stunts, dance, cultural expression, feats of strength, and more. Lights, Camera, Action – Impact World is a show like no other!


More than just entertainment, Impact World gives motivation and inspiration to people in facing and overcoming challenges and dealing with issues in society today. Hear the personal experiences of the entertainers and more.


At the end of each Impact World event, our goal is not just to entertain and inspire you but our hope is that our story impacts and transforms your life positively.


Entertaining, Inspiring, Transforming and best of all FREE!!! There is no excuse for you not to experience Impact World right here in the Caribbean. Bring your friends and the whole family and we look forward to seeing you there.