Team GX International arrives

Right out of bootcamp into the Caribbean Tour 2016

Team GX International arrives in the Caribbean

Team GX International has arrived in the Caribbean in preparation for their Impact World Caribbean Tour. Fans following them on social media were updated of their arrival in Barbados on route to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Team GX has recently completed their two week boot camp in preparation for their 2016 tour.

We are young people that love Jesus & street culture. Urban dancing & breaking; skating, & BMX; music & Live DJ's

GX International is made up of young men and women who use skateboarding, hip hop dance, break dance and media to motivate and inspire primarily youth. GX International started in 1997, and since then has toured in New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Spain, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Fiji, Philippines, Africa and the US. Team members from almost every continent in the world join together to spread style, shred the Nar, and bring raw truth into the chaos of reality. Watch out! GX is here in the Caribbean! Check it out for yourself!